Kempsville Lodge No. 196

4869 Princess Anne Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Kempsville Lodge No. 196 - 1979


Worshipful Ejnar Olaf Jorgensen

  • Initiated: 3/29/1952, Passed: 9/3/1953, Raised: 12/17/1953 (Berwyn Lodge No. 839, Berwyn, Illinois)
  • Affiliated, Kempsville Lodge No. 196: 1966
  • Recipient, James Noah Hillman Award: 1979
  • Recipient, Dr. Seymour Jonas Levy Award: 1979
  • Honorary Member: 2004
  • 60-Year Veteran: 2013
  • Entered the Celestial Lodge: 4/11/2019

Lodge Officers

Photo courtesy of Worshipful Joe Thornton
left to right
  1. Jimmie Wilder - Chaplain
  2. Bill Knowles - Senior Deacon
  3. George Wallace - Treasurer
  4. Frank Creasy - Senior Warden
  5. Wally Pittard - Junior Steward
  6. Ejnar Jorgenson - Worshipful Master
  7. Bill Pierce - Secretary
  8. Charles Cochran - Junior Warden
  9. Ralph Ward - Tiler
  10. Tom McGowan - Junior Deacon
  11. Joe Thornton - Senior Steward

Installation of Officers

Photo courtesy of Worshipful Ejnar Jorgenson
left to right
  1. Ralph Ward - Tiler
  2. Wally Pittard - Junior Steward
  3. Joe Thornton - Senior Steward
  4. Jimmie Wilder - Chaplain
  5. Tom McGowan - Junior Deacon
  6. Ejnar Jorgenson - Worshipful Master
  7. Bill Knowles - Senior Deacon
  8. Bill Pierce - Secretary
  9. Frank Matthews - Proxy for Treasurer
  10. Charles Cochran - Junior Warden
  11. Frank Creasy - Senior Warden

Worshipful John E. Marr

Worshipful John E. Marr, Kempsville Lodge Treasurer from 1955 through 1978, passes away in 1979.

The wooden chairs, still in use in our dining hall, were actually from John E. Marr's restaurant, known as "Marr's Regular Meals" or simply "Marr's Barn" by the locals.

Grand Master's Official District Visit - March 2, 1979

Photo courtesy of Worshipful Ejnar Jorgenson
left to right
  1. Right Worshipful Herb Smith
  2. Bill Hoggard - Virginia Beach No. 274
  3. Most Worshipful Mac Rogers
  4. Worshipful Ejnar Jorgenson - Worshipful Master, Kempsville No. 196
  5. Most Worshipful Matthew Lyle Lacy, II - Grand Master of Masons in Virginia, 1979
  6. Worshipful Frank Douglas Johnson - Willis V. Fentress No. 296
  7. Worshipful Jim Colby - Worshipful Master, Princess Anne No. 25
  8. Bill Barth - Bayside Lodge No. 218
  9. Most Worshipful John Powers Stokes - Grand Secretary, Grand Lodge of Virginia
  10. Worshipful Dickie Allen - Worshipful Master, Lynnhaven No. 220

Notable Visitor

Brother John Alac Dunn visits Kempsville Lodge in January of 1979. Brother Dunn would serve as Worshipful Master of Bayside Lodge in 2007 and 2013.


Ejnar O. Jorgensen, 89, a 58-year resident of Virginia Beach, passed away peacefully on Thursday, April 11, 2019. He was preceded in death by his beloved wife of 67 years, Marie, and their son, Charles, who died at the age of 2. Ejnar was a 23-year Navy veteran, having enlisted as a seaman at the age of 19 and retiring at the rank of Lt. Commander. He went on to graduate from Old Dominion University, and a variety of business careers followed. Ejnar was a 50-year plus proud member of Kempsville Masonic Lodge, having once served as its Worshipful Master in the late 1970s; an active member of Providence Presbyterian Church with Marie; and an 8 year volunteer with the Virginia Beach Police Department. He loved traveling with Marie, spending time with family and friends, reading, and working crossword and Sudoku puzzles. Most importantly, he was a loving husband and father. Ejnar is survived by his daughters, Linda Thomas of Virginia Beach and Janet Jorgensen of Richmond, Virginia. He will be greatly missed.

Lodge Of Sorrow

  • W∴ John Edward Marr - 03/12/1979
  • Howard Foster Tyler - 05/13/1979
  • James Earl Perry - 08/11/1979
  • Asa Purnell Fentress - 11/28/1979